Even the fanciest outfits wouldn’t be complete without accessories. And if there’s any worthwhile addition to a closet, it’s today’s trendy affordable purses! But how can you find the most fashionable pieces to add to your store’s inventory?
Here are some trendy affordable purses to look out for:
Oryany is a brand that takes great pride in its name: “or” in Hebrew means light, “y” stands for you, and “any” is intended to be taken literally. Combining them, Oryany strives to shed light on everyone’s daily lives by manufacturing high-quality fashion items.
The Elena crossbody bag is just one example of their influential work in the fashion industry. Its light yet dreamy silhouette screams versatility, allowing you to use the purse at any time of the day. In addition, the bag comes with a top leather handle for easy access!

Elena crossbody bag
Oryany is also known for its sensible designs that add value to the wearer’s everyday looks. Take the Ali bucket bag, for instance. It’s a stylish piece with a unique silhouette for the fashionista on the go.
This cylindrical purse has a removable inner leather pouch with more than enough room for storage, made with soft, high-quality leather!
ali bucket oryany
Are you looking for a two-in-one piece to add to your collection? Then you will want to see the Ariel—Named after a Disney princess, it is both a clutch and a crossbody bag. This lovely handcrafted wicker bag is a stylish carry-all that fits all of life’s essentials. Stay on trend and feel like a real-life mermaid with Jelavu’s Ariel in your hands.
Ariel clutch
Faux fabric isn’t the only material that’s in style nowadays. For the nature lover, Jelavu’s round Ata Bali crossbody bag is a must-have!
This handmade vegan purse is the perfect companion for beach vacations, hikes, and camping trips.
ata bali crossbody
When it comes to trendy affordable luxury purses that’s perfect for summer, nothing can beat the Le Mani Mini Crossbody. It’s made using high quality polyester and comes with an Inside flat pocket with Good People tag, as well as two light gold handles. This mini basket-type crossbody handbag keeps contents secure and its colorful look enhances your outfit's look.

le mani mini crossbody
July 08, 2022 — Online Team