Belts are often disregarded in sustainable fashion, whether they serve a practical purpose or are only used for style. The right belt may change your style, which can be broad with oversized buckles, thin with a sliding fastening, braided, or carved. Since belts are often constructed of non-sustainable materials like plastic or rubber and are frequently broken or cracked, they add to fast fashion waste. Thankfully, there are businesses committed to the advancement of fashion that has developed a sustainable belt choice.


In the past, belts were often constructed of materials like nylon, polyester, and vinyl or animal skins like cow or crocodile. More ecological materials are now readily accessible. Cork is one of the resources that are most renewable. The cork oak tree doesn't need to be chopped down in order to be used, and the bark may be gathered again fast. Cork is strong enough to withstand everyday use, which is crucial for a belt, and it looks like leather with ease.

Many businesses decide to employ recycled nylon or polyester, preventing its disposal in landfills. Utilizing recycled material is a terrific approach to cutting waste, even though these resources are neither renewable nor sustainable on their own. Because belts need less material than other clothes, recycled material may be used more effectively in their production.

Recently, leather substitutes from materials like cactus plant skins, pineapple leaves, or apple peels have gained popularity. Due to their accessibility and reduced environmental effect, these bio-based leather substitutes are increasingly in demand.
Other companies utilize leather that has been vegetable tanned.

Wood Belt

Wood Belt Collection by Future Brands Group

Despite our claims, what truly distinguishes the Wood Belt as a sustainable belt?

The capacity to be maintained at a certain pace or level may be used as a simplified definition of sustainability. A product must be feasible to create and consume without causing damage or devastation to be considered sustainable.

Additional sustainable product criteria include:
  • Doesn't exhaust non-renewable, natural resources: A sustainable product uses renewable resources that can be replenished indefinitely.
  • Not a direct threat to the environment. The product is produced, distributed, and consumed in a way that consumes the least amount of energy, produces the least amount of waste, and disposes of the trash properly. Most environmentally aware businesses work to reduce adverse effects since almost no activity is fully free from influencing the environment.

  • Wasn't produced in a manner that violated societal norms (such as using forced or child labor or ignoring health or safety issues): Fair and equitable recruiting procedures are followed by socially responsible businesses, and a diverse workforce is given a voice inside the company. Socially responsible businesses are also concerned with their workers' health, happiness, and prosperity and the citizens of the towns and nations in which they do business.
So, the following would be our defense of the claim that "WoodBelt is a sustainable belt":
One of the impact areas that we've identified is sustainability.
The methods in our impact fashion product lessen the detrimental effects of fashion on society, the environment, and nature as a whole.
Environmental, socially, and naturally beneficial materials are employed during our manufacture.

We are integrating and adhering to the production and usage principles of the circular economy as an impact fashion manufacturer.
All product reuse, renovation, and repair are encouraged.

WoodBelt is an environmental belt as a result. Our goal is to increase fashion's good imprint (effect) on society rather than just limiting damage.



None of our buckles include any iron or metal; they are manufactured entirely of wood. We aim to create buckles using cutoffs and utilize local wood.


A quality natural substance, cork is 100% free of animal products and has vegan accreditation that PETA has verified. No hazardous metals, heavy chemicals, organic solvents, mineral fibers, or formaldehyde are in the cork. Better product features are the outcome of using more synthetic materials.
Cork's key benefits are:
  • A pleasant appearance and feel.
  • Durability from material cultivated in environmentally friendly protected locations.
  • Biodegradability.


Wood Belt belts' leather components don't have any pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde, hexavalent chromium, or other potentially dangerous materials. Without the use of hazardous chemicals, the leather is tanned and polished. We don't utilize the skins of animals that the Washington Convention lists as Endangered.


Among the most well-liked and commonly utilized textiles is cotton. This natural fiber is airy and lightweight. It has become a necessary component of daily life since it is renewable and biodegradable. The "fabric of our life" is what we call it. For the last 7000 years, cotton has been used by humanity for a variety of everyday activities. Cotton is the main natural fiber that fulfills the world's need for textile goods.


Hemp, one of the oldest fibers in existence, keeps you cool and warm in the summer and winter and grows softer the more you wash it. Because of these factors, hemp is also one of the most environmentally friendly textiles available.


The hallmark of NUO is its sustainability claim. All processed wood comes from sustainable, ethically-managed forests that preserve the health of the whole ecosystem. Timber can always be tracked back to its source. NUO is entirely animal-free and ecologically friendly. NUO decreases the kg of CO2 released into the environment by around 60% compared to a square meter of leather.

With these sustainable belts, "meh" ensembles may be instantly transformed!

Scroll down to see a variety of designs, hues, and widths of belts made by
Wood Belt. Put them on over a jacket or coat, with slacks, a skirt, or your favorite dress.

The simplest way to breathe fresh life into your clothing is to add a belt, and the greatest belts may be worn with many different outfits. Belts are a great complement to your (capsule) wardrobe.
The Tahoe, Zion, and Canyon lines utilize innovative craftsmanship techniques to fasten belts with wooden screws to wooden buckles created from reclaimed wood offcuts. Premium cork with a lovely natural hue. Belts with a width of 1.18 to 1.57 inches are available for both formal and informal attire. A distinctive blend of the designer's wooden buckles and environmentally friendly materials.

No allergens, no metal. Simple to reuse and fix.
The product has a strong social and environmental effect based on impact design. Feel great. Appear well. Do well.
Canyon Belt by Wood Belt from Future Brands Group
Perfect Combination for Canyon belt by Wood Belt from Future Brands Group
Bryce. Nobody will miss you. Unique and stylish buckle made from reclaimed wood offcuts and attached to the leather using a simple artisanal technique. High-quality, supple, vegetable-tanned one-piece leather (except yellow color). The 2.36-inch-wide leather and unusual wooden buckle combo couldn't be more stylish. Hues for elegant leather. No allergens, no metal. Simple to reuse and fix.

The product has a strong social and environmental effect and is based on impact design. Feel great. Appear well. Do well.
Bryce Belt Dark Brown by Wood Belt from Future Brands Group
Yosemite. Creative workmanship is utilized to attach leather with discarded wood offcut buckles. Vegetable-tanned, premium one-piece leather (except yellow color model). Combining a wooden buckle with traditional casual leather is unusual. A belt that is 1.57 inches broad is always in style. Also, gender neutral. No allergens, no metal. Simple to reuse and fix.
yosemite belt white by wood belt from future brands group
Yellowstone. where nature and fashion collide. A singular blend that feels completely natural. Buckles are created from recycled wood scraps and organic cotton braid. Light, cozy, and natural fabrics are used to make belts. These 1.18-inch-wide, unisex belts are practical for everyday usage. To increase comfort, we stretch cotton.

The absence of perforations allows for precise sizing changes to provide the highest level of comfort. Metal-free means no allergies. Simple to reuse and fix. Compostable after the voyage.

The product has a strong social and environmental effect and is based on impact design. Feel great. Appear well. Do well.
Yellowstone belt black by wood belt from Future Brands Group
long white dress, oryany bag, hat and, stylish shoes by saint g by future brands group
January 11, 2023 — Grace Caraan