Do you know about the Mini Bag, or do you have one in your possession? Currently, the Mini Bag is a staple in the closets of every style icon. It's easier to see the fashion business functioning with these handy pouches. Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Rihanna Fenty are just a few of the many global superstars that came before you.

It's safe to say that the SMALL HANDBAG trend of the current season is here to stay. Despite their tiny size, micro bags have made quite an impression as the latest "it" accessory. As heel heights have decreased, handbag sizes have shrunk due to designers' innovative thinking.

Evolution of the Mini bag

Remembering back to Spring/Summer 2015 collection, you'll realize that Karl Lagerfeld was the one who initially popularized the Mini bag as we know it today. His version was more formal and ornamented, with huge, stuffed keychains. Mini purses were popular among ladies even before the 2015 collection debuted. In the early and mid-century, purses were tiny and carried by women. These little handbags were a fad in the early 20th century when affluent ladies favored them for their understated sophistication. These clutches were a sign of social standing at the time and still exist. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, two members of the royal family, are notorious for seldom being seen with any purse.
Wearing a MINI BAG with jeans, some shoes, and a coat is one of our favorite outfit combinations. Wear your favorite jeans and a coat by teaming Rookie Mic with our Saint G’s Paloma Black Leather Shoes. This outfit is ideal for a brunch date or a trip to a London art museum due to its high level of sophistication.
Pairing a tiny purse with a black dress and an oversized leather jacket is another easy outfit that looks great. Rookie Mic and Paloma Black Leather Shoes | Future Brands Group
Pair this ensemble with our black Amina Mini Tote and some fierce Rosalie Black Calf Boots for a deadly look. The great thing about this style is that it can be replicated with practically any of our bags and in a wide range of adorable hues. Confused? Obsessed sums it up well. 
Amina Mini Tote x Rosalie Black Calf Boots | Future Brands Group
Combine a little clutch with identical tie-dye denim garments for a more daring appearance. This outfit is so refreshingly understated, but it exudes so much vitality from the protagonist.
This is a great way to show off any of Future Brands Groups Mini Bags ! We would personally prefer Joan Mini Tote in black to complete the RiRi inspired look. This fit would also look amazing combined with a black matching denim outfit & our Elena Leather Crossbody Bags. Put on some Rose Black Leather Boots, and you're good to head to brunch with the boo. A word to the wise: the mini bag trend is too good to pass up.
Joan Mini Tote x Rose Black Leather Boots | Future Brands Group
The white version of our Mini Coin Purse is a true fashion bargain! Put on a pair of neutral Ariana Beige Sandals, and you'll have a stylish outfit that's easy to wear. Our appetites are insatiable.
Mini Coin x Ariana Beige Sandal | Future Brands Group
You should now feel sufficiently motivated to get a wonderful gorgeous little bag that you may use throughout the year. Our whole selection of WOMEN'S HANDBAGS is now available for purchase on our web store. Don't miss out on our newest product arrivals, unique giveaways, and style inspo—follow us on INSTAGRAM now!
March 14, 2023 — Grace Caraan