It's time for winter to get cozy! As winter draws near, our wardrobes fill up with comfortable clothes, hot chocolate is a daily treat, and Christmas movies are a regular part of our evenings. We often want a little variety regarding handbags or fashion accessories. There is no right or wrong season for your luxury bag, especially for leather bags; however, specific materials and sizes are better suited for winter. Here are tips to help you find a suitable leather bag for you this winter.

How do I choose a leather handbag?

      The Size 

How a handbag looks on you and its usefulness will depend on its size. A small handbag of leather can make a petite lady look chubby, while a large bag will make her appear larger. A bag too small won't be able to hold your items, while too large will make it easier to organize them. Moderation is the key. You should carefully select the leather bag that best suits your needs in terms of function and appearance. By this, we suggest that you try our Connie Shopper or  Connie L Shoulder bags.

These bags by Oryany are made from Embo shrunken leather and have a pebble grain texture. There’s adequate room for all your essentials so it’s ideal to carry with you when traveling or use it as an everyday bag for work or school. We have a suggested outfit for you below that you may partner with these leather bags.

Connie Shopper Winter Outfit


The Structure of the Bag

Premium leather bags should be made of high-quality materials, and it would be best if you chose a strong enough bag to support its weight. You should also inspect the bag's overall structure, inner line, and pattern stitches, among other things. After you've used it for some time, it should be secure and not fall apart.  Leha Crossbody has a unique curvature of the outer flap that conceals the inside sets this crossbody bag apart. It is made of genuine leather with gold hardware and details.

This crossbody bag will be your favorite this season. This bag is versatile and can be used with subtler and more dramatic looks. You can choose from black or cloud color variants, which will go well with casual and semi-casual outfits. This bag is ideal for modern trendsetters who aren't afraid of taking risks and trying new things. Leha Crossbody by Oryany will help you step out of your comfort zone.

Oryany Leha Crossbody Bag- Black

The authenticity of the bag

When buying a handbag made of leather, the first thing you should look for is its authenticity. Many imitation handbags are flooding the market, claiming to be authentic. This is because many people need help to afford authentic branded leather handbags but still want something similar in price and style to the original brands.

You must know the signs distinguishing between authentic and imitation ladies' leather handbags. If you buy one, you can tell the difference between a genuine leather handbag and a replica.

  Taylor Mid Crossbody from Oryany has a charming, square-shaped, and elegant tote made of soft shrunken leather. It also has a top handle that can quickly transform into a handbag. The bag's side features a Moroccan symbol accented that represents Oryany.

Taylor Mid Crossbody

 Design and Style

On which occasion will you use your bag? What kind of dress would you like to wear the bag with? For any fashionista who wants to be a stylish and fashionable woman, it is important to consider the overall appearance of your bag. The exclusiveness of designs and styles will make it stand apart. Ulanni Bucket by Oryany, this leather bag is a stunning visual masterpiece from Oryany.

It combines the luxury appeal of saddle-style bags with a drawstring top, a sturdy base that holds it on any surface, and a drawstring-style top that gives it a casual, relaxed look. The Ulanni Bucket bag features elegant hardware that brings sophistication to the bag.

The handcrafted bag has plenty of storage space to hold all your essentials without adding bulk. It is made in vintage-inspired Glossy Leather and has two detachable strap options: Chain and Leather. For a touch of sass, choose the bold and chunky chains! For a truly authentic look, choose the pristine leather!

Oryany Ulanni Bucket

A bag that is made of high-quality leather can be an excellent accessory for women, especially this winter season. There are many options, so it is important to realize that many online shops only want to scam customers. There are still reliable online shops that sell high-quality handbags.

Future Brands Group Handbags is just one example. We are reliable and offer a wide range of genuine Oryany leather bags. No matter what type of women's designer leather bag you need, you can find it here.
November 16, 2022 — Grace Caraan