Le Zebu day Handbag

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It is a small, medium-sized bag made with a unique kind of tweed-like fabric made by hand in our factory, which has both structure and softness features. 
The handles are in asymmetrical round shapes, made of 100% zebu horn upcycled leftovers from the Madagascar tourism souvenir market. 

Shoulder bag or crossbody bag, it is composed of a light gold chain that you can wear single as a crossbody purse, or double, as a shoulder bag.

There is an internal flat pocket for your smartphone.


H 34 x W 10 x L 36 CM


  • Bag: 50% Raffia / 50% Cotton Jersey Upcycled
  • Lining: 100% Cotton (White Cream color)
  • Chain: 100% Gold Recycled Stainless Steel

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Customer Reviews

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not the greatest...

This bag arrived defective as the chain was broken in two.
The design is beautiful however the quality of the bag material inside and the hardware seem not in keeping with the price point this is meant to be sold for.
To be perfectly transparent on this opinion please know Im not voicing that opinion just because there was a defect in this one bag.
There are some beautiful bags in the line however Id be a bit leary of ordering without feeling the quality of the piece first.