Now that we have a full calendar of work holiday parties and fun nights out, we need to plan our hair-wash days accordingly and put together some killer party clothes. So let's start styling for the holidays.

First, there is no fixed formula for holiday party attire, but if you need help coming up with looks for your numerous celebrations, go back to the basics. You're nearly set if you stick to the tried-and-true outfit of a dress and some sneakers, whether knee-high boots for this season's trends or platform heels to protect your arches.

Continue reading to future brands group party-ready dress and shoe options and a few personally chosen items you can buy right away.

Anastasia Black Lace Up Boots with Midi Floral Dress

anastasia black lace up boots from Saint G plus midi floral dress

Ready to make a statement at your next holiday party?
Anastasia Black Lace Up Boots and the Midi Floral Dress are the perfect duos to get you there. The dress is feminine and flirty, while the boots add just the right amount of edge to keep things interesting.

And let's be honest: Nothing could be merrier than this combination!

Valentina Black Patent Leather  with Babydoll dress

Valentina Black Patent Leather from Saint G Plus Babydoll dress

Valentina Black Patent Leather is the perfect complement to any outfit, whether casual or dressy, and they're ideal for both day and night.

Combine them with Baby Doll Dress for an outfit that will make everyone think you're royalty! The black patent leather shoes are elegant and pair well with our doll dresses in any color—from red to white to black. And if you feel like being bold? Why not add some bright pink lipstick and a pair of heels in another shade of pink?

Alyson Black Leather Boots and Bryce Belt Black with your Colored Printed Dress.

Alyson Black Leather Boots from Saint G and Bryce Belt Black from Wood Belt Plus Colored Printed Dress

We've got the perfect holiday season outfit for you!

This Alyson Black Leather Boots with Colored Printed Dress is meant to be together because it's so good.

It's a dress that makes a statement and works with everything—you can wear it to work, out on the town, or even just around town. And it pairs perfectly with this pair of Alyson Black Leather Boots and Bryce Belt Black with a Colored Printed Dress

These two pieces can't be separated because they were made for each other— and are both made from high-quality materials that will last you for seasons.

Rosalie Black Calf Boots with Button-Up Dress

Rosalie Black Calf Boots from Saint G Plus Button-Up Dress

Your new favorite party combo is here! Rosalie Black Calf Boots  by Saint G Plus Button-Up Dress. This is it if you're looking for a dress and shoes meant to be together. These Rosalie Black Calf Boots Shoes Plus Button-Up Dress are perfect for the holiday season.

You'll be ready to go out and celebrate with these gorgeous boots.

Rosalie Off White Calf Boots with Sequin Mini Dress

Rosalie Off White Calf Boots from Saint G Plus Sequin Mini Dress

When you're looking for the best party combo shoes and dress, you want to find an outfit that will make you feel like you're walking in the air. And we think we've found it!

This ankle boot is the perfect shoe to pair with this mini dress. It's classic, chic, and classy: the kind of thing you can wear year after year and not get tired of. But the real magic happens when you put them together.

The best part? This combo is meant to be an outfit—you don't need anything else to complete it. Just throw this combination on for your next holiday party or date night and prepare for everyone there to be asking where they can get their pair of Rosalie Off White Calf Boots Plus Sequin Mini Dress!

Rose Off White Leather Boots with Smock Mini Dress

Rose Off White Leather Boots from Saint G Plus Smock Mini Dress

These Rose Off White Leather Boots with Smock Mini Dress are the perfect combination of chic and comfortable.

The soft leather material will hug your feet in a way that feels like it was made just for you. And the smock mini dress will give you a great silhouette, so you can feel confident about how you look.

Can't decide what boots to pair with your favorite mini dress for Christmas? We have a wide variety of different styles that can help you look stunning at any holiday party and are sure to light up the room. No matter whether you're aiming for a casual Christmas party or a formal gala, boots will be an excellent way to try something new.
December 06, 2022 — Grace Caraan