- 'Even in 2022, unstoppable trend' Lee Mi-joo, ORYANY model selected

- Showing off an alluring visual you've never seen before, offering a reversal of charm

- America, beyond the entertainment industry, rises as a blue chip in the advertising industry

Mijoo unveils unpublished pictorial showing off her anti-war charm - FutureBrandsGroup

Showing an irreplaceable presence in popular entertainment shows such as 'Sixth Sense', 'What do you do when you play?', 'Idol Dictation Contest 2', and 'Runway 2',

Lee Mi-joo, who won the Rookie of the Year award at the 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards, started to accept the advertising industry following the broadcast.

 Global fashion brand ORYANY selected Mijoo as the brand muse and released undisclosed pictorials for the 2022 SS campaign with her.

 This pictorial, conducted under Oyani's 'Shine we are' campaign, which contains the value of "Let's love ourselves as we are, revealing our own unique beauty"

It is filled with sensuous products that will add style to the upcoming spring and summer daily look.

 In the published pictorial, Lee Mi-joo showed off her anti-war charm with a chic and alluring visual instead of the lively image she usually showed through broadcasting.

With a confident expression and natural poses, she perfectly digested Oyani's various items in her own color, and radiated an aura that is no less than a fashion model.

Mijoo unveils unpublished pictorial showing off her anti-war charm - FutureBrandsGroup

In particular, this pictorial drew more attention as it produced a perfect result to the extent that the first meeting of Oh Yani and Mi-joo was disregarded.

A marketing official from Oyani said, "With Mijoo, who has a casual yet highly sensitive fashion sense,

We look forward to synergy with the brand image that showcases a sensuous design,” he said.

 Meanwhile, Lee Mi-joo was recently selected as the main MC for Mnet's 'TMI SHOW' and is continuing her trend in 2022.


March 24, 2022 — Online Team