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For Retailers

At Future Brands Group, we:

CREATE a bridge to connect international brands with US retailers and offer them guidance to get their products seen, placed and purchased

ELIMINATE the middleman, so retailers can gain access to a wider variety of uniquely crafted items with less work and less risk

PROVIDE retailers the resources, analysis and support they need to be stronger, more flexible and more independent.

SHARE our infrastructure, so brands can expand to new markets through shared expenses and lower risk

SUPPORT brands who are doing good and give them a path to a wider audience

How Future Brands Group Supports Fashion Retailers

Future Brands Group offers a centralized virtual and physical showroom, a place for global designers and manufacturers goods to be showcased to retailers across the US and internationally

Flexibility and speed.

FBG’s model allows retailers to buy without minimums, without taking a risk, and they can re-order as they need. When retailers are looking for a WOW factor, something that sets them apart, FBG is able to deliver high-quality, on-trend offerings, and does that faster and more efficiently

Trend analysis

Access to major trend analysis and guidance can be costly. And, even if you have access to the information, you need to be able to derive actionable insights that fit your business model and ideal customer. FBG provides the vision and experience to predict and capitalize on trends, as well as the network needed to source items from global designers.

Trusted partners

With FBG, retailers have access to a wider selection of fashionable items with lower risk. Our partnerships include international brands with ethically sourced product selections. We give retailers access to offer a more adventurous selection with no risk and accept returns/ exchanges.

Why FBG for Retailers?

Finding new and fresh product from all over the world.

Easy to shop and receive friendly and reliable customer service.In-person meetings, video meetings, showroom sample reviews.

FBG guarantee quality and customer service

Easy return policy, flexible payment terms.

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For Brands

Future Brands Group is a marketplace for high-quality producers and international brands to sell to independent retailers and consumers directly.
We act as an agent/ turn-key distributor for our brands to handle all wholesale, distribution, and drop-ship exclusively 

Why FBG For Brands?

• North American market entry is extremely costly and risky for producers and international brands. FBG's offers these services at a fraction of the cost.

• Building an efficient infrastructure is difficult and takes resources and time to implement. FBG solution provides a “jump start” opportunity.

• The traditional wholesale model requires higher pricing for the consumer due to high entry/ operating cost.

• The FBG model allows brands to compete profitably in the U.S and increases brand recognition worldwide, as well as exposure to retailers.

Our Benefits

Future Brands Group provides a turn-key distribution service for brands.

Infrastructure for North America expansion

FBG manages wholesale, distribution and consumer-direct sales, providing an established system that reduces brands’ expenditures and overhead to start selling their products in the US. 

Streamlined processes and showroom

As consumers continue to adjust their spending behaviors and preferences, retailers of all sizes must be agile and discerning in their shopping processes and by making agile buying decisions. By providing a virtual showroom for retailers to purchase their supplies and a faster integrated supply chain, FBG makes it easier for retailers to compete in the modern marketplace. 

Trend consulting to improve transition to the US market

FBG offers market and product evaluation, and merchandising consulting. FBG act as a connector, helping international brands adapt for the US market and connecting them directly to a network of retailers. 

Tradeshows & Private Meetings & Digital Marketing

FBG participates in major trade shows across the United States and represents the products of member brands, as well as focuses on digital marketing within the FBG industry network

Our Services

Market Evaluation and Strategy Development
Merchandising and Line Building Support for tailoring to the market
U.S. Design Team consultancy
Dedicated sales manager and customer service associate
Key Account Management with large retailers and key clients
Account Manager
Showroom Space (shared)
Tradeshows/ Private Events
Virtual Showroom meetings
PR Support, Celebrity Endorsements, Influencer Relations, Additional marketing 
Social Media through FBG channels
Email Marketing to B2B customers 
Distribution & Warehousing from two locations (Nevada and New York)         
Live Inventory Connection for consigned inventory
Visibility to large retailers 
Consignment Mngmt/ Operations Support/ Back Office/ Finance
B2B Digital Platform Membership

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